Monday, February 23, 2009


As many of you know, Erik and I volunteer with the youth group at our church, and this Sunday we were busy helping with Stockholders, which is the annual fundraising event. This year's theme was "Hollywood" and it was so much fun! Basically, there is a fun event to make some money (this year you could make a donation and nominate two people to act out a famous movie scene up on stage, or they could match your donation to get out of doing it), the youth put on a play, and there is also a free dinner for everyone (instead of dinner we had an Oscar's "after-party" with lots of yummy hors d'vours).
Andrew and Heather had to act out a scene from Shrek. Heather was "Donkey" and Andrew was "Shrek." They did a great job!
One of the songs during the play. The students did a great job!
The Allsops dressed for the part! Everyone was impressed that Erik owns a tux!
Malachi even gave Corinne some flowers!


Anonymous said...

Work it, Erik! I bet Andrew had a hard time keeping his hands off of you! It looks like it turned out great!

Blake & Kim said...

What a great looking family! Looks like Malachi stole the handsome!

Yaya said...

Erin, you look beautiful as always. It looks like Malachi and Baby Rin (sp) are in love!!! Erik's tux comes in handy again!

Martins said...

Look at that beautiful family! Looks like you guys had such fun! Thinking about you!