Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend

What a fun weekend! We started early on Saturday morning with a trip to Hillsboro so that Erik could run in a 5K. He did a great job and won his age group! He came in 5th overall, with only teenagers beating him. We then relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon at the Lloyd household, waiting our turns to hold Adeline. Around dinnertime we headed up the road to the Knisley's for friends, food and fireworks...oh and water basketball for the boys! It did rain on us a bit, but that didn't spoil the fun or the fireworks!

Run, Erik, run!

Malachi liked running around in the rain and then found a friend inside who would play puzzles with him all night - thanks, Katie!

The fireworks were great as usual, but the kids were just as happy to have the sparklers.

Yesterday was also a nice and relaxing day. We didn't do anything special to celebrate our anniversary, although a date is in our future!
We are so happy to celebrate 6 years and all the blessings we've experienced together!

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J, H and A said...

Congrats on Six Years. It was great to see you this week. Can't wait till your visit later this month.