Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Isaac and Maggie's Wedding

Last weekend we travelled to Amarillo, Texas, for Isaac and Maggie's wedding. Isaac is Erik's cousin, the very one who introduced Erik and me to each other.
The rehearsal dinner was a yummy Mexican fiesta, complete with a Mariachi band. Malachi especially loved the maracas that decorated each table.
The weekend was busy for the Allsops...Erik was a groomsman and Malachi was the "ringbear" as he was proud to say. He did extremely well standing at the front during the entire 45 minute ceremony. He did make some funny faces, though!
Malachi tried to make friends with the flower girl, Maggie's little sister, Lillie. He kept asking her to smell him (I had put lotion on him and he thought that she'd really like him because he smelled good) and then to dance at the reception. She turned him down about five times, but you've got to admire his persistence!

I made the wedding cake, along with some much needed help from my wonderful mother-in-law, Becky. She did a great job making the buttercream and icing the sheet cakes. Aunt Jessica watched Malachi while Erik and I were busy, and Kevin was my transportation and the cake-mover. Thank you wouldn't have gotten done without you!
Playing hide-and-seek was one of the highlights of the reception...for both Malachi and 'Buelo. Malachi also enjoyed playing his champagne "flute."
Congratulations, Isaac and Maggie! You had a wonderful day and we are happy to have been able to celebrate with you!


Megan Lloyd said...

Malachi sure does love that cowboy hat, doesn't he? The cake looked awesome! Way to be innovative with the swirls. You definitely have to do the monogram again.

Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

Word of warning.....I was persistent. Look where that got me.

Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

Erin, you look great! And Malachi is the cutest little "ringbear" I've ever seen! Ignore my husband's comment above...persistence pays off.

hayleyash said...

Oh my gosh!!! Could he get any cuter?!!!