Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off!

Erik ran his first marathon of 2010 this morning - the "Last Chance for Boston" marathon in Dublin, Ohio. He's been working really hard these past couple of months to get in his best running shape ever and it definitely paid off! Elliott cheered Daddy on at his first marathon experience.
Malachi didn't understand why we'd want to be outside in the cold if we couldn't play in the snow!
The course was a 1-mile loop. Here Erik is beginning mile 25.
Mile 26 - last lap! The clock in the picture says 2:54, but his official time was 2:52:50. He came in 2nd place overall!
Way to go Erik! We're so proud of you!


Allison said...

Tomorrow I'm starting the couch to 5k running program, but I'll never hope to be as good as Erik. I'm just hoping to make it through the first week!

Great job, Erik!

Pa & T said...

Now I know why you grew that facial hair---to keep you warm when you run marathons in the winter. Good job Erik and what a nice job all the family did cheering him on. Everyone needs a cheerleader.

Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

Good thing that Adeline showed up to cheer you to almost victory. If Kimberly wasn't busy playing with old broken people you probably would've came in first!

Sharp Family said...

wish i could do that! great job erik!!! what a great time too!

Yaya said...

Good job, Erik. Mom and Dad are very proud of you.

hayleyash said...

Way to go! I don't know how he does it...I can barely do one!