Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jekyll Island, Part 1

Just a few of the highlights from vacation #1:
Austin's birthday celebration - Happy 12th birthday!
Spending time with family - Malachi loved watching Austin "the best player" play his DS.
Elliott and Grandpa Gene
Loading up on some paella
The beach - both boys loved it!
Elliott checking out the waves with Aunt Jennifer.Malachi and Austin playing in the water.
Elliott's had enough!
Austin fishing - he caught a shark!
King Malachi and Queen Whitney in their sand castle
Aunt Jessica and Elliott at the water park
Malachi loved the water slides!

Elliott laughed so hard when Malachi splashed him!

Part 2 coming soon...


J, H, A and M said...

Wow...looks like fun times. Not at all like our Jekyll Island experience from long ago.

hayleyash said...

The two pics of Elliott by himself are *priceless*. Looks like you are on to Kiawah, the greatest place on earth! Imagine how much fun we would all have if the Lloyds and Knisley's were all there at once. The island would be overpopulated!