Friday, September 24, 2010

What A Job!

I did not expect this job to be SO much more difficult this year!

Plan for the morning: have entire 4-tiered wedding cake plus small anniversary cake baked by 11:00 AM.

8:15 - Pans prepared, ready to mix batter.
8:30 - First set of cakes in oven.
9:10 - First set of cakes cooling. Second set of cakes in oven.
9:30 - Boys dressed, breakfast on the table.
9:55 - Last batch of batter ready. 5 minutes to go on cakes in oven. Elliott calling for more food in his high chair (surprised?).
10:00 - Cakes out of the oven. Elliott's still hungry.
10:01 - Malachi's making something with glitter glue and yells that he got it all over the table.
10:02 - Elliott's still yelling "Mom, mom!" while clapping his hands. (Translation: "More, more!" with his version of sign language.)
10:03 - Cooling rack slips off counter and three cakes fall to the floor. As you can see, I'll need to bake some more.
10:15 - I call a friend to distract myself from the situation on my floor. (And to keep from screaming or crying, whichever may have come first.)
10:20 - Third set of cakes in oven.
10:25 - Glitter cleaned up from table. Elliott on floor in living room playing.
10:49 - Malachi working on craft at table. Elliott playing with truck in living room.
10:50 - Third set of cakes removed from oven.
10:52 - AHHH!
10:53 - Find camera and take picture. It looks like I'm going to be baking all day, so I may as well laugh about it, right?


Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

Oh, Erin! You are amazing! You want to babysit Adeline today? ;)

Cindy Schade said...

I think I'd cry! Good thinking about the distraction!

J, H, A and M said...

How do you do it? I was stressed just reading this post. I think you need to work out some time of gate to the kitchen.

Cassidy Dawn said...

Oh no! I suppose that's the cake for tomorrow...I'll let Elliott know how the finished product is ;)

Pa & T said...

Nobody puts these situations in those "Motherhood for Dummies" books. Write your own, Erin!!

hayleyash said...

Holy cow! I was following along your timeline and that glitter mess distracted me the whole time. You're a great mother! Seriously! Thank God for friends/family we can call on when the troops get out of hand.