Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day

Last Wednesday we enjoyed Erik's day off by taking a fun family trip to Aha! in Lancaster.

Elliott was satisfied in the "Plop Zone" for a while. Then he realized there were bigger and better things out there!

Check out our scary Power Ranger...or at least that's what I think he is!

I guess someone's been paying attention to the grocery list!

My favorite exhibit is the water table. I wish I could build my own for the boys to play with!

Elliott also got to enjoy the water table in these ingenious baby chairs, although next time I'll definitely bring a change of clothes for him!


Throne's said...

1. I like that Elliott's belly is hanging out of his shirt.

2. I laughed really hard at Malachi's grocery cart.

3. Don't mention to Mom and Aunt Laura that you would like a water table within a few months (wait who am I kidding, weeks) you will have one.


Ed Christina and Camryn said...

Along with what Kelsey is talking about in number 3...if you have the funds- YOU could make one. You are so crafty and resourceful that way. Added bonus- you could teach me how to make one for Camryn. :)