Thursday, December 15, 2011


Another of my favorite holiday traditions is seeing the "real" (according to Malachi) Santa at Aunt Meggie's office. We kept our plans a surprise for the boys until this morning when Malachi got his card out of the Advent tree. He started jumping up and down as soon as he read, "Go to Aunt Meggie's office to see Santa today!"
Malachi asked for Perplexus Epic, Perplexus Rookie and wall racers. Santa asked what Malachi's room looked like. After replying that it had a bunkbed and lots of posters, he had to admit it wasn't completely clean. Maybe that will help inspire him to put his dirty clothes in the hamper?

Elliott took a while to warm up and sit on Santa's lap, even though he spent the entire morning saying, "Teetah (Santa), tractor!"
I think Jonas asked for diapers.
Elliott was a fan of the cake pops!
Malachi had fun with the picture frame craft. He definitely takes after me - when he realized he had not put the stickers on exactly how they were in the instructions he had to peel them off and reposition!

The boys enjoyed the face painting, too. Malachi got a sleigh with reindeer.
Elliott chose a snowman. Both boys cried when we made them wash their faces before bed!

Thanks, Aunt Meg! The boys had a great time with you and Santa!

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Sharp Family said...

your boys are too cute! love that little jonas!!