Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Updates...Coming Soon!

I have had a few complaints about my lack of posts this month, but here's a little peak into one of the things keeping me so busy:
My baby's on the move! Whoever said, "once Jonas starts crawling things will get easier," was seriously mistaken. And crazy! He is everywhere and into everything. In fact, everytime I say his name followed by "no" he turns around and smiles at me. Another Walker in training? Hmmm...any ideas for me, Kels?

For those who noticed the mark on his forehead, it's a carpet burn from Malachi dragging him across the room by his feet when he was headed toward the Legos. My response? Get used to it, buddy, you're the youngest of three boys!

1 comment:

J, H, A, M and O said...

LOL :) Picturing Malachi dragging poor little Jonas across the carpet is too much!
I feel this way for Owen too. Those little sibs don't stand a chance!