Friday, September 14, 2012

Curry Chicken

I've talked about what a picky eater Jonas seems to be, and while that is still true it looks as if he can officially be part of the family - he loves curry!
This is a very big deal since we eat curry chicken quite often around here. This past week I started "meal swap" again and this time there are nine families participating! That means that we only fix our meal once every three weeks and receive three meals each week during that time, but when we fix we have to fix enough for 9 families - that's 36 servings! Curry chicken was the most requested of my recipes so last Saturday I spent the afternoon making a huge roaster of it. I think our house still smells like curry but it was worth it. It was very tasty and the other two meals we received (chili and chicken & dumplings) were also delicious!

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