Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday!

Here's our 7 year old!
We have had quite an exciting couple of days celebrating Malachi's 7th birthday. We began on Saturday with a Texas A&M themed birthday party.
 His Ohio cousins and lots of friends joined us to celebrate.
 He received lots of Legos and exclaimed how surprised he was that everyone knew how much he likes Legos and Star Wars. Really?!!
Today I took cupcakes in to his class at the end of the day. He was crazy and excited...as were all his classmates!
 After school he wasted no time finishing homework so he could get to building his newest Lego set!
 And tonight we finished up our celebrations with dinner at the Japanese steakhouse!
We are so thankful this crazy 7 year old boy is ours! Malachi is smart, creative, imaginative, curious and fun. He loves Legos, Star Wars, video games, playing spies, building forts, reading, painting and doing science experiments. He has trouble focusing on chores and homework, doesn't like to sleep and is incredibly scatterbrained at times. He gets really proud of himself when he accomplishes a new task, such as tying shoes which he finally learned yesterday. Malachi is a great big brother and loves Elliott and Jonas more than anything. He made us parents and we're figuring out all that that means as we grow with him. Happy birthday, Malachi, we love you so much and hope you always know how special you are!

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