Monday, January 4, 2010

Litter Family Christmas

This year's Litter Family Christmas party was a little different than past parties, but I think it may have been one of the best. Even though Grandma didn't feel great (she's been fighting kidney stones), I think she loved seeing all her family together.
55 of the 56 family members were able to attend. That meant we were able to take family pictures, sibling pictures, grandchildren pictures, etc. This picture was taken when Kelsey was lining everyone up for the full family shot. She was going by family, so our family, Uncle Joe's family, Aunt Laura and Uncle Pete are not in the picture yet. Kelsey did a great job organizing everyone (what a job, huh?) and hopefully she was able to get a decent shot!
Instead of having a traditional meal, we participated in a "Dip-Off" competition. Everyone brought a dip and each was judged based on taste, creativity and/or presentation. We voted by placing money in cups next to the dips and the money was given to Grandma Litter to use toward the mission of her choice. This was one of the four tables of food we had. My dip was the Pina Colada Fruit dip. Aunt Sally, Kyle and Benj were the lucky winners, although I think I want a recount!
The original program that Mom always writes was definitely the best this year. Normally everyone has to participate, but this year only the nine siblings took part - and they did a great job. She wrote a poem that was a take on "Twas the Night before Christmas" and all nine of them came out wearing Christmas pajamas and carrying various toys. They were fighting because everyone had someone else's toy. They sorted out the toys and each person talked about their favorite childhood toy, relating it to scripture and our relationship with Christ. It was very meaningful and Grandma Litter loved seeing her kids together.
At the end of the program Benj played his guitar and sang a song. Malachi got off Erik's lap and started dancing. When Aunt Meg and I started laughing he told us he wasn't trying to be funny, he was just trying to dance!
We had four new babies ranging from 7 weeks (Elliott) to 6 months old (Adeline) this year. They were all passed around. Even my cousin Jeff had to hold at least one of them!
Elliott and Adeline had the same idea - his shirt and her bib say, "Are these people REALLY my relatives?" After being at one Litter party, I think anyone would say the same! But, we always have fun together and laugh a lot!


Pa & T said...

What a great celebration! It is so hard to get everyone together and your family is very blessed to have pulled this off. I'm sure God was dancing there that night

Caryl said...

It was so wonderful to see all my cousins having a special celebration ( nieces and nephews too).may every good blessing be yours in 20010.
Love to all,
Aunt Caryl
p.s. The plaid slacks are a hoot. :)

J, H and A said...

That sounds awesome. I absolutely love the dip off contest. What a neat idea. You Litters are a creative crew.
It was great seeing you while we were home.