Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Big Boys

Last week I finally admitted to myself that one reason almost-4-year-old Malachi wasn't potty trained was because we weren't home often enough for him to just do it (and honestly, diapers are easier when you're in public places). So, with that acknowledged, Malachi was on lockdown at the Allsop house last week.

On Monday morning we discovered that the Pull-Up monster had taken all our Pull-Ups and Malachi would have to wear underwear now. I cleaned up 5 messes on Monday with no successes at all.

On Tuesday morning Malachi refused to put on underwear in the morning and went without anything for two hours. At 10:45 he decided he could wear them (thank goodness! I was really dreading that clean up!), but didn't go to the bathroom at all until dinnertime! Erik got to clean up that mess. He tried to use the potty again before bed and was finally successful. Yay!

That was the turning point. He's been wearing underwear and going by himself ever since! We realized that he was very concerned about what happened once he flushed the toilet. He told Erik that he was afraid it would get in the sink and then all our water would turn into pee! He has also told us that he thinks he'll have a lot more friends now that he wears underwear! It's funny how what we thought would be really difficult turned out to be relatively quick and painless.
On a different note, Elliott is now two months old! We can't believe how fast the past two months have flown by. He went to the doctor for his well visit and now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces and is 23 3/4 inches long. His weight and height are in the 50th and 75th percentiles and his head circumference is in the 25th! I think it's safe to say the Allsop genes prevailed!
He's sleeping well (we've already had a few 12 hour nights!) and is on a very good schedule during the day. He's also been busy smiling and learning to talk and laugh. He loves it whenever Malachi is around and will look for him then smile and squeak as loudly as possible. He even got to take a bath in the big tub with his brother this week!


Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

Yay!!! Way to go Malachi! Maybe Uncle Blake will let you back in our house now. Happy 2 months Elliott! Love the picture of him cute!

Sharp Family said...

Way to go Malachi! Mommy can finally put the resolve carpet cleaner away! Elliott is getting so big! We def have to get together so Em and Elliott can finally meet! Love the pics! They always make me smile :)

Team Brandt said...

Yay Malachi!! Austin did the same thing. Once he GOT it, he stopped having accidents. I can't believe how big Elliott is! I'm so proud of both of my nephews!

J, H and A said...

Wahooo Malachi!!! What great news. Knew you could do it.
Happy two months little Elliott (why has it alreay been two months???)!

Pa & T said...

Congratulations Malachi! You are just too smart for your parents. If they would just explain the whole procedure and every ramification of your new-found skill, you would have done it two years ago. Come on Erin---get with the program. The boys are so cute.

hayleyash said...

Yay, Malachi!! You did it!! And yay for Mommy and Daddy..that's not an easy task. The boys are adorable...How one earth is Elliott already giving you 12-hr stretches? You need to give me some tips. Laynie is still only doing 3-4 hrs..Momma's tired!