Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Trip to TN

After getting home Sunday night from Nashville, we woke up Monday morning and hit the road to Knoxville for Erik's grandmother's funeral. Although it wasn't a fun reason to head south, we did enjoy the wonderful, sunny weather and the unexpected chance to spend time with family. Thank you, Bruce and Sigi (Erik's uncle and aunt), for being such great hosts!
Aunt Jessica and Malachi checking out some of Uncle Bruce's treasures.
Malachi really wanted to go on a hike with 'Buelo. He settled for throwing rocks in the creek.
When we got home I said something about Bruce being a doctor. Malachi got a little upset and insisted, "My Brucie is a soccer player!!"

Bruce and Sigi have built a zipline in their backyard. Erik couldn't resist trying it out...even though he had to wade through freezing cold water to get back afterward!

Okay, I know...nobody likes seeing the "man-thigh", but this was too funny and I couldn't resist! Thank goodness short shorts are NOT in style for guys!!


B_EL said...

Short shorts aren't in style? I guess I'm gonna have to take all of mine back. Erik, thems some nice legs you got there.

Anonymous said...

I love the zip line idea! You have to put one in at your house!! How fun would that be?

Yaya said...

Erin, thanks for being the chronicler of our family's doings!!!