Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Celebrating!

Malachi was just told that his birthday was almost over (since bedtime is getting close) and his response was, "but we can still celebrate!" So here are a few more memories from our day today.
He had a lot of fun opening presents! A few new (noisy) trucks from GranMols and Papaw.

Working on opening a present from Aunt Jessica, Uncle Mike, Austin and Whitney. Thank you for the cool markers and coloring books!
More cake tonight after his favorite dinner of chicken, rice and broccoli. After devouring a good part of his cake, he finally got full and stopped eating!


J, H and A said...

I cannot get over how much he looks like a Lloyd! Happy Birthday Malachi. Annie and I are very excited to see you next month.

Anonymous said...

Just like a Lloyd to spread out your birthday celebration as long as possible.


hayleyash said...

We hope you had a great B-day Malachi! Sophie is looking forward to playing with you soon!