Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elliott's Big Day

Today Elliott was introduced to cereal and seemed to really like it! He kept trying to grab the spoon and smiled the whole time. Malachi wasn't impressed by the rice cereal and kept asking why babies liked to eat yucky things!Elliott's also been rolling over quite a bit lately so I decided to try and capture his moves on video. After a few misses I did manage to get it, but this video was so cute I decided to show it too.

Here's the video of him rolling. Sorry it's kinda long - I decided to tape until he did it this time. You can see he's quite proud of himself!


J, H and A said...

He is so cute Erin.

Megan Lloyd said...

Does Elliott stick out his tongue for food like Malachi did? Just thinking about how he used to do that makes me laugh!

Sharp Family said...

so weird.. we let Emmalyn try cereal from a spoon for the 1st time yesterday as well!! great minds.... he is so cute and getting so big!