Friday, May 7, 2010

Cincinnati Children's Museum

Last Saturday the boys and I went to Cincinnati for the day to enjoy the children's museum with our friends from Richmond, Kari and Camden. I wasn't able to get many good pictures because Malachi's in an anti-smile-for-the-camera phase. Oh well!
The water area was a favorite for both boys. Thank goodness for the smocks...although they didn't help Camden too much - he was soaked from head to toe!

The oversized puzzle on the wall fascinated Malachi. He kept telling me how cool it was that the pieces had velcro on the backs.

These shapes were magnets that you could arrange and build different things. Malachi made Camden, on the left, and himself, on the right. He wanted to make this face in the picture because "Camden" has eyes (so his right eye is open) and "Malachi" doesn't (his left eye is closed).

Both Malachi and I are already looking forward to our next trip!


J, H and A said...

Looks so fun. I SO want to go there next time we're home. Let's plan a trip together.
Why is Malachi so clever? I love the eye connection he made. Wow!
Who ever thought of putting velcro on the back of puzzle pieces and sticking them onto felt. I am going to try that one (Thanks Cincy Children's Museum).

Erik, Erin, Malachi and Elliott said...

We'll definitely make a trip of it - it was such a good museum! There's a new place in Lancaster called Aha! that I want to check out too.

Martins said...

It was fun to read your post about our big trip a few weeks ago. Camden and I had a wonderful time. Thanks for meeting us. As always, it is wonderful to see you and the boys!