Friday, May 28, 2010

Go Dodgers!

Tonight was Malachi's first T-ball game of the season. He was so excited all day and it was really fun to see him playing this evening.

Swing batter batter...
Run Malachi!
His friend, Isaac, was the first baseman for the Orioles.
He scores!
When I first started videoing I forgot I had the camera sideways...oops!

Malachi's improved a lot since last year - he'll hit the ball, run the bases and (kind of) pay attention while in the field. Next week he has games on Tuesday and Friday, both at 5:30!


Sharp Family said...

Is there anything cuter that little boys in their little baseball uniforms?!!! What a great little ball player! maybe MLB in his future one day and free college tuition! ha!! way to go Malachi!!

J, H, A and M said...

That last picture of Malachi is adorable!

I always am victim to the sideways video! Why don't they rotate???