Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Month To Go

Only one short month before our little guy celebrates his first birthday. Wow, that's hard to believe! This month has been full of excitement as Elliott is moving more, talking more, eating more and interacting more than ever.

The biggest thing I've noticed this month is that Elliott likes to explore and usually ends up going places he's not supposed to go. I really dislike baby gates, but I may have to break down and put one up to make my life a little more sane. He can crawl and pull up anywhere and is starting to climb a lot.

He says a few different words, but most of them sound pretty much the same. His favorites are "more", "banana" and "go!"

Malachi is teaching Elliott new things every day. Most recently he's taught him to dance and shake his head 'no'. As soon as he demonstrated that new skill I realized my days were numbered until the two of them start ganging up on me!

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