Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm a little behind, so I have lots of things to catch up on over the next few days! First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG! We spent the day together yesterday and Meg taught Malachi all about age. If you ask him, GranMols is 100, Mommy is 32 (not yet, thank you very much!) and Meg is 27.
Last Friday we threw a surprise party for Meg at the Bell Tower. Mom (with only a little help from me and Kelsey and a lot of help from Aunt Laura and Uncle Mark) did a fabulous job on the food - appetizers, broccoli cheddar soup, spinach salad, rolls, marinated asparagus, grilled filets and shrimp, pumpkin pie, strawberry cheesecake, Boston cream pie and dark chocolate cake with fresh raspberries and whipped cream. YUM!

Not to brag, but this may be the best cake ever created at the Cake Kitchen. I'm already trying to figure out the next occasion special enough to deserve another one!
Meg's friends from Columbus made it down to celebrate with her in spite of construction traffic, wrong turns and bad directions.
Some high school friends were able to come too.
And, of course the siblings.
We love you, Meg, and hope you had a very special birthday...even though it may be the fourth time you've celebrated 27!

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