Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend Fun

Last weekend was busy and fun - just how we like them! We began celebrating on Sunday with Blake's graduation party. We had a great turnout of family and friends to congratulate Blake on his big accomplishment.

When we got home Sunday evening I decided it was time for some haircuts - and Malachi opted for a mohawk!

Elliott got his first haircut too, although he wouldn't sit still enough to match his brother.

Aunt Meggie was down for the entire weekend and Malachi loved having someone to sleep on his top bunk...especially since she didn't snore!

The annual Knisley 4th of July party was a hit as usual, and this year we had perfect weather. The boys got to swim for the first time this summer.

And we discovered how much of a daredevil Elliott can be. He was even jumping into the pool on his own by the end of the evening. I think he'll be wearing swimmies from the time he leaves the car until he's strapped back into his seat anytime we're around a pool!

The guys kicked the kids out of the pool after dinner to play their traditional game of water basketball. I'm proud to say Erik even won one game!

The kids weren't too disappointed since they had King Kong to play on!

And, of course, we ended the evening with sparklers and an amazing fireworks show. I think it gets better every year - thank you Knisleys!

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J, H, A and M said...

Malachi's chop is the best. He looks extra rough and tuff!
Blake's cake was just great!