Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last week we went to Chillicothe every evening for Bible school. It's a long and exhausting week, but Malachi loved every minute of it - which made it completely worth it! Our theme was "Pandamania, where God is wild about you!" I was in charge of Crazy Crafts and Erik was in charge of Bamboo Blast Games. Elliott got to go to Pandamania Preschool where he even learned about the different topics each night. At the closing on Thursday the kids sang their songs for us and we found out they had brought in almost $700 and made over 100 backpacks to send to a children's ministry in Dallas, TX!

You can see how exhausted Elliott was each night!
Malachi is on the right with his friend Isaac.

Elliott is sitting on the stage for this song. He wasn't a huge fan of being on the stage...he wanted to be down where he could run and dance a little more!

Malachi got a CD with all the songs from the week and we've been singing and dancing a lot this week. He's even mentioned various times how he wishes we could have Pandamania every day! Thank you to Miss Carrie and Miss Nanette for putting so much time and energy into a great VBS for the kids and to Mr. Joe for being a great leader for Malachi's crew!

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J, H, A and M said...

We had Pandamania at our church this year too. I also did crafts. Great minds think alike. Annie has also been singing He's Wild...He's Wild!