Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kiawah Family Vacation

We spent last week in Kiawah Island with the entire Lloyd side. We had an awesome vacation together, complete with lots of laughs, perfect weather and plenty of fun. Here are a few highlights of our week:

We started the week off with the annual Kiawah Island Amazing Race - Lloyd family style! Sadly, I was not able to defend my title as reigning champion, however I'm choosing to blame that on the lightening that caused us to stop early instead of the fact that our team had Malachi on a tandem bike with Erik and I was 34 weeks pregnant and riding a bike with a 25-pound toddler in tow!

The boys enjoyed our stop at the fire station during the race.

Elliott and Adeline liked playing with the truck in the sand.

Building sandcastles with Dad is the best!

Elliott helped dig,

and Malachi supplied plenty of water.

The kids thought the park was fun in the evenings.

Walker especially liked the swings!

More fun in the sand.

I think this was Oliver's favorite part of the week, naps on the beach!

Both boys loved playing in the water.

Malachi and I made a stepping stone at the Activity Center one afternoon. Malachi's is the one in the front on the right.

Elliott LOVED his bike rides, especially those with his bike-buddy, Aunt Meg!
What a great week full of wonderful memories!


hayleyash said...

Looks like so much fun! Can you imagine how many people we would have if all of the Knisley's and Lloys's were there at the same time? We'd take over the island.

Pa & T said...

Truly, we need to plan that one! A Knisley/Lloyd reunion on Kiawah. That would be heaven.

J, H, A and M said...

Awh Kiawah I missed you this year! Looks like an amazing time. And Erin, you definitely get a pass this year for not defending your title. A toddler and pregnancy do not make for an easy bike ride.
Agree with both previous posts.

Megan Lloyd said...

Heather, I can confirm no trees or mailboxes were harmed in Erin's bike riding! And she said if I posted the photo of her on the bike, she would kill me--and I suspect, she would post one of me in a bathing suit on the beach.

Can you imagine a Knisley/Lloyd reunion? Ummm, it would be like 35 people!

Sharp Family said...

So jelous right now! what fun!! glad i at least got to see pics of good ol' Kiawah! Dito to what Heather said about the bike race! So happy you all had a great time! Takes me back to all the fun we all use to have together! Remember how Heather and Megan always made fun of us? Good stuff!