Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Off to Kindergarten

We survived day one! It was rough to get up a lot earlier than normal, but Malachi was so excited that things went very smoothly yesterday morning as we got ready for the very first full day of school. We even had time to snap a few pictures! On the way Malachi said at least three times how excited he was and how cool it was to be going to school. I walked with him to his classroom and was able to get a few more pictures before hugging and kissing him goodbye. I even made it out of the building before I teared up a bit!

I think Elliott enjoyed having lots of solo attention yesterday, but he was excited to see Malachi when we went back to pick him up. Malachi's assessment of the day: "It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, but it was good." Apparently he didn't get to fingerpaint in art class because they ran out of time which is what prompted this response. However the first thing he said this morning is that tomorrow is his second day of school so I think he did really enjoy it and is looking forward to going back. This week and next he goes every other day and after that it will be every day. Pretty nice that they ease them in like that...and I enjoyed sleeping in a little more this morning!

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