Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Festival of Leaves

This weekend was the Fall Festival of Leaves in Bainbridge and we definitely took full advantage this year. Erik had to work at the store all weekend, so the boys and I (along with help from GranMols and Aunt Meg) enjoyed walking around, eating festival food and riding rides. Malachi and Elliott had so much fun and were exhausted by Sunday afternoon. Jonas was a great baby, napping as I carried him around in his baby carrier the entire time.

This year we decided to get Malachi a ride bracelet that allowed him to ride as many times as he wanted. He loved it! I was amazed at how many of the big rides he is now tall enough to ride - and how brave he was as he rode them repeatedly all by himself!
As for Elliott, I was sure a bracelet would be a waste of money because there weren't that many rides that he's able to ride. I was wrong. He would have ridden the "tractorrrr" ride a hundred times. He loves cars and trucks (all "tractorrrs" to him) and he loved this ride. He cried every time it stopped!
All three boys were fans of the merry-go-round. Yes, even Jonas got to ride since I had to be on with Elliott!

I should also mention that Erik won the festival 5k on Saturday morning. Unfortunately I don't have a picture because I had to stay home with Elliott and Jonas, but Aunt Meg and Malachi were there cheering him on to victory for the second year in a row!


J, H, A and M said...

I do miss the festival. Looks like such a fun time. Way to go Erik.

Megan Lloyd said...

Oh, Elliott was so sad to get off the truck ride. Did Malachi tell you I told him what a carnie was? :)