Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Month Stats

Oh, I'm so behind! Things have been so busy around here that I can't seem to find time to keep up with things on here. Jonas is now a little over one month old and is doing great. At his well visit last week he weighed 10lbs 12oz and was 23in long!
Jonas sleeps well and rarely cries. He's smiling a lot now, especially when his big brothers are nearby. I'm officially back to baking cakes and he likes hanging out in the kitchen with me while I work. Thank goodness he's content in his bouncy chair! He's no longer safe on the couch since Elliott likes to "play" too much and almost pulled him off the other day.

The big brothers are doing well too. Elliott seems to get jealous at times and has been a little more high maintenance than usual, but he loves kissing and hugging his little brother...sometimes too much. Malachi is a great helper and is very protective of Jonas. I can always count on him to keep me informed of what's happening.

We have a lot going on this week so I'll have plenty of new pictures and material for the blog...hopefully I'll take the time to get them up here so you all can keep up with us!