Friday, February 24, 2012

Long Weekend in Tennessee

Last weekend we took advantage of Malachi's day off school on Monday and made a trip to visit Yaya and 'Buelo in Tennessee. I didn't do a great job of documenting our trip with pictures, but we all had a great time together. We had beautiful weather on Saturday morning and the boys played outside a bit and even went down to check out the lake.
On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Milligan College to watch a basketball game - Elliott couldn't have been happier!
It rained all day on Sunday which made it a perfect lazy afternoon for naps - for everyone but Malachi who can't seem to slow down long enough to fall asleep during the day! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and hanging out. Malachi also got to do a couple of science experiments about weather, such as "tornado in a bottle."

We had a great time visiting and can't wait to be with Yaya and 'Buelo again soon!

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