Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Flashback #3

The week before school started was packed with fun! We went to Jackson to have a swimming play date with friends:
Look at all those kids! What fun!
Malachi and I had a special day together in Columbus looking for just a few necessary school supplies. He spent some of his money at the Lego store, ate lunch at Chipotle (his choice), visited Aunt Meggie and found the perfect lunch box.
We went to a splash park with friends in nearby Circleville.
Malachi was able to invite his friend, Carson, over for a whole day of fun the day before school began. They had lots of fun together playing Legos, building forts and hanging out in the tree house.
They even added to the available merchandise at C&M Rock Shop. Malachi was very excited when he realized he wouldn't even have to change the name since Corinne and Carson both begin with "C"! They made a few sales and finished their day with a few extra dollars in their pockets - not a bad way to finish off summer break!

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Megan Lloyd said...

I need to place a rock order!