Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Flashback

In celebration of one week of school being over (and successful!) I thought I'd flashback to summer break and blog a few things that we missed.
Back at the beginning of August we were able to take a mini-vacation up to Drummond Island, Michigan, with our friends Andrew and Heather and their family. I've posted before about Drummond Island and the lake house Heather's family owns, and it was just as beautiful, fun and relaxing (or as relaxing as things get with six kids running around) as before.

Malachi and Corinne put their artistic skills to work and sold some hand-painted rocks to anyone who happened by C&M's Rock Shop. If you look closely you can see a rock hanging with the price painted on it- $1.99 each!
Apparently a tied-up jet ski is almost as good as one you can ride around. Elliott would have stayed here for hours!
A trip to the local school's playground was just what the kids needed after breakfast one morning.
 I think Andrew enjoyed himself too!
Elliott was very concerned that there would be a firetruck on Drummond. Lucky for us we found one right next to the playground.
 Best buddies! These two loved playing together all week.
Big kids ready for a hike with Cici- Heather's mom. She was brave and took them all and they had so much fun. When we were leaving both Malachi and Elliott said how they didn't want to leave Cici's house! I think she may have inherited a few more grandkids after our time together!
 Malachi loved being out on the boat!
It was really cold our last morning there, but we still took advantage of time and made a trip to Big Shoal, a great little beach. The kids had fun playing even though we had to break out the sweatshirts!
 A classic view of the sunset from the cabin's deck. Beautiful!
Our last evening turned out to be pretty eventful. Cooper had an accident with the coffee table which resulted in a trip to the island medical center and 11 stitches on his leg. He was tough and it was pretty cute to hear him telling the others all about his boo-boo. Here they all relax with a movie before bedtime.
 A special thank you to the Days and to Cindy for welcoming us to Drummond. We had a great time together!

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