Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buddy's Best Trick Yet

Apparently our elf Buddy is in fact magic. Or at least he's very talented when it comes to potty training!
Last Thursday morning our boys woke up to this:

Buddy had taken their stockings and hung their underwear/diapers on the hooks instead! Elliott was very concerned about where his stocking had gone and whether Santa would be able to fill it with presents if Buddy didn't return it. He talked about it for about a half hour and I just kept telling him that Buddy would probably return his stocking that night, just like he always cleans up his messes at night when we're sleeping. Then as I was cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast Elliott came downstairs carrying a pair of underwear. He told me that he wanted to wear underwear and use the potty all day so that Buddy wouldn't need his diaper anymore. Elliott has wanted to wear underwear on occasion before, but he always had multiple accidents and later decided he wanted his diapers back so I didn't think much of it at that point. By naptime when Elliott had gone to the potty several times, mostly without being asked, I thought maybe we were on to something. That evening (still no accidents all day!) he didn't even want a diaper for bedtime, although we decided he needed more practice before wearing underwear all night long. I was VERY excited about such a successful day and wanted Buddy to reward Elliott somehow since Elliott apparently thought wearing underwear would help get his stocking back so...
Buddy returned the boys' stockings and made a special note for Elliott saying, "Yay Elliott! Keep wearing these. You're a big boy now!" The boys thought it was hilarious that underwear were hanging in the kitchen and Elliott couldn't wait to take off his overnight diaper and put on his "big boy underpants."
Now it's Tuesday. 6 days in and only 2 accidents. I consider that pretty successful and I give full credit to Buddy the Elf for potty training Elliott!

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