Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Celebration

 When we agreed to host the church cookout at our house on Jonas' birthday I decided to do something a little different to celebrate him. This past Sunday we went to the zoo, along with Yaya, GranMols and Papaw; Blake, Kim and their kids; Kelsey, Mike and their kids and Grammy Jane. We didn't tell Grammy Jane the plans for the day because we were afraid she wouldn't agree to go with us (which she confirmed) and I'm pretty sure she was upset about not knowing the full day's agenda, but I'm also confident that she enjoyed herself immensely, as did the rest of us. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a zoo trip with 18 people?!

After spending a few hours checking out all the animals, we all picked up dinner and went to Goodale Park to eat and enjoy cake for Jonas, Grammy Jane (who celebrated her birthday last Saturday) and Meg (who will celebrate her birthday this Friday). It was such a fun day together and we are so thankful to have spent it with our family!

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