Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Festival of Leaves

We were so excited to see it come and pretty relieved to see it go, the 46th annual Fall Festival of Leaves is now history! I didn't take many pictures, but I do have just a few of the boys having fun on the rides. We spent most of the day Friday enjoying the festival along with GranMols, Kelsey and Walker and the kids' friends, Carson and Bella. We got to see lots of friends who were in town for the festivities, ride lots of rides, eat lots of festival food and play silly carnival games. After a disappointing trip to the Paint Valley football game that evening, we woke up early Saturday to run the festival 5k. In spite of his injury, Erik was able to defend his title and win for the fourth year in a row! I also ran but my time wasn't quite as impressive. The boys got to hang out with GranMols all day while Erik and I both worked at the store. The weather was rainy and chilly but there was still a crowd and we were pretty busy until we closed. Sunday morning we attended the community worship service put on by the Bainbridge churches and then went to work again. This time Malachi and Elliott hung out at the store so they could get some more ride time in after the parade. We had a very fun weekend but I think we're all ready for some time to relax!

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