Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Olympics

We had Baby Olympics at our house yesterday in celebration of the upcoming arrival of Baby Lloyd. Megan and I decided this may have been the best party we've thrown yet, if we may say so ourselves! Enjoy the pictures!

Waiting for the games to begin...or just taking a rest!

Game 1: Post-Partum Putt-Putt

Game 2: Due Date Darts

Game 3: Name Duck - a favorite for the kids

Game 4: Diaper Hole

Game 5: Race to the Hospital - by far the most entertaining!

No fancy shower food at this party, only mini burgers and Molly Lloyd's fresh-cut fries!
Presents! I think the parents-to-be are now ready to welcome home Baby!

Rain made us move the party indoors, but didn't stop the fun!

The Lloyd girls - we love planning a good party!
Kimberly found a great safari cake idea (to match the nursery decor), but I had to add our own special touch to match the Olympic theme!
We are so excited for Blake and Kim and can't wait to meet Baby Lloyd!


J, H and A said...

Totally wish I could've been there. I may be eliciting your help to plan our next baby shower.
The cake ROCKED!

Cindy said...


You outdid yourself with the shower cake. How in the world did you do the animal patterns? Isaac and Maggie were right to ask you for their cake and not because you're family.

What a great theme for a shower, not boring. Cindy

Cindy said...

I meant to say: not just cause you're family. Whew!

Megan Lloyd said...

We sure had fun celebrating Blake, Kimmy and Baby Lloyd!Thanks to everyone for being good sports and participating. I just wish we had Grandma Litter doing "Race to the Hospital" on video!

B_EL (pops-to-be) said...

I think that the most appropriate comment would be AMAZING!!!

Yaya said...

What a great baby shower!!! You all out did yourselves. I like the picture of Molly and her girls.

Blake & Kim said...

You guys are so awesome!! Thank you so much for throwing us such a memorable shower!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the images!

Call for any of your photographic needs!