Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yaya and 'Buelo's Visit

We had a great visit with Yaya and Buelo this weekend. After Malachi's T-ball game on Friday evening, we had dinner on our deck and then played outside for a while. Malachi was very excited about playing Cornhole - which meant that nobody else had a chance to actually play!

On Saturday morning we (mostly Erik and Kevin, with me supervising!) planted a Weeping Willow tree in the back corner of our yard. Friday was my due date for the baby we lost and we wanted to do something in memory of that child.

Malachi was busy playing during the planting and Yaya did a great job of keeping him occupied.

Malachi did decide he needed to help a little - or maybe he just wanted to ride the Gator with Daddy!
Our new tree looks great. Now we just have to remember to carry water out to it every week!

After lunch, a trip to J.R.'s General Store and a quick (but much needed) nap we went to Chillicothe for the evening. We visited the Adena Mansion, home of Thomas Worthington, a U.S. Senator and Govenor of Ohio, but were too late to get a tour of the house. They have a very nice museum that we looked through and then walked around the grounds a bit. Afterwards we enjoyed dinner outside at The Old Canal Smokehouse in celebration of Becky's birthday and then went down to Yoctangee Park to enjoy the rest of the evening and the beautiful weather.
We walked through the park just a bit before Malachi "had" to go to the playground. As you can see, he wasn't the only one who enjoyed it!
Thanks for visiting, Yaya and 'Buelo! We had a wonderful time with you and Malachi's counting down the days until he can come to Tennessee!

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