Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Snow!

On Saturday morning I woke up to Malachi yelling, "there's snow everywhere!" Sure enough, I looked out and saw a blanket of white. The next thing Malachi did was grab my phone to call GranMols. No, he didn't want to tell her about the snow. He called to ask her to come babysit Elliott so he and I could go out and play!
Elliott and GranMols watching the action outside.

He was "skating."

It's fun, but sooo cold!

The snow was really slushy...perfect for snowman building!

Malachi has now built one more snowman than his daddy, who has never built one! Maybe we can fix that this winter!


Anonymous said...

I've seen that "it's too cold" face more times than I can count since we got our snow!

J, H and A said...

I love that Malachi can call on good ol' GranMols!