Friday, December 11, 2009

Visiting Atlanta

Last weekend Meg, Malachi, Elliott and I took a roadtrip to Atlanta to visit family and attend a wedding. We stayed with Erik's aunt and uncle, Cindy and Scott. On Friday we had planned on visiting Noah's Ark, a local animal rescue center and petting zoo, however it was closed due to flooding. We thought that was pretty funny! Instead we went to a park near their house. Elliott loved his first trip to the park and especially liked the swings. I thought the slide may be a little too daring for a 4 week old!

We relaxed on Saturday morning and then Erik's Aunt Jennifer came to meet Elliott in the afternoon. Although Elliott probably got most of the attention, Malachi loved playing with Scott and Cindy all day. He even got to climb up into the attic with Uncle Scott to find toys and they made a special Christmas tree together.

Saturday evening Scott and Cindy were kind enough to watch Malachi while Meg, Elliott and I headed to my friend, Lindsey's wedding. I met Lindsey while teaching at Githens Middle School in Durham, NC. Lindsey and I, along with Hope, Calla and Gina, three other new teachers, became great friends and each other's support while at school. Hope was also able to make it to the wedding and I had so much fun catching up with her on the past few years. Gina and Calla - we missed you! Elliott got a lot of attention in his tuxedo onesie and may have stolen the show if Lindsey hadn't been so beautiful herself!
On Sunday morning we attended Derek Sweatman's (the guy who married me and Erik) church, Christian Church Buckhead. It was great to see Derek and Micki and their amazing church. After church we ate a yummy lunch with Scott and Cindy before getting on the road for our long (10 hour!) trip home.
Thank you, Scott and Cindy, for being such wonderful hosts and allowing us to overtake your home for a few days! Thank you, Meg, for being such a great sister and aunt. You made the trip so much more fun, not to mention easier!

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