Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Santa!

Santa made his annual visit to Aunt Meggie's office this week and Malachi, Elliott and Adeline were lucky enough to be invited to the party. Malachi was beside himself with excitement and couldn't wait to tell Santa everything he wants for Christmas ("a train set, a train for my train set and two bath toys because Mommy threw all mine away"). He was also sure to ask Santa to deliver his presents to Yaya and 'Buelo's house, "but if you forget I'll just get them at my house when I get home," he said!
Santa even gave the boys their first presents of the season, teddy bears that Malachi named Sand and Chocolate.

Malachi got to color a Christmas picture and eat some cookies while Elliott slept through most of the fun!

He did wake up when it was about time to go!

Thanks, Aunt Meg, for knowing Santa and having a party so we could meet him! It was lots of fun!

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