Monday, August 9, 2010

Ahhh, Kiawah!

Just because I'm missing vacation I think I'll post pictures from Kiawah every day this week.

Elliott wasn't a huge fan of his beach tent. We didn't bother taking it back after the first day!

He did, however, like the water and the sand. He may have liked the sand a little too much...
Malachi LOVED the ocean! He played as long as possible every day.
My second favorite thing about Kiawah (after the beach, of course) - bike rides!
Malachi is getting pretty good on a bike. He should be ready to lose the training wheels any day now!


J, H, A and M said...

I can't wait for Kiawah. Looks like you all had fun.

hayleyash said...

It really is a little slice of heaven! Hey Malachi, can you teach Soph how to ride with no training wheels?