Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner Out!

On our last evening of vacation Mom volunteered to watch all the kids so that we could take Dad out to dinner.
We had a fun evening together even though the storms blew in again at the end of it. When we were leaving the restaurant I asked Erik if he'd go get the car for all of us - it was parked really far away and it was raining pretty heavily. He asked Dad for the keys and started taking off his shirt. That embarrassed me a little, but it was raining so I didn't think much of it....until he started loosening his belt and unbuttoning his shorts! I was laughing at him and telling him to stop when I realized he had his running shorts on underneath his clothes - although the rest of the people standing around didn't know that! We heard one lady saying, "I can't believe this! Can you believe what he's doing?" Another man said, "yeah, I like South Carolina!" and his friend said, "you need to eat something, boy!"

Long story short, we all had a great laugh and got home without getting drenched. Thanks Erik!!

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hayleyash said...

Good stuff! That's a good story!