Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Elliott!

Yesterday our little man turned ONE! It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by so quickly, but we really have enjoyed every moment with Elliott. As many of you who know, he is definitely one of the happiest boys ever.
We had a small family party to celebrate Elliott. We began with dinner followed by presents. Elliott was really excited to get some toys of his own! (And during his prayer Malachi thanked God for being able to help open Elliott's presents and for Elliott getting new toys that he can play with too. I'm guessing we'll be talking about sharing a lot in the next few days!)And then we had cake! Here's Elliott vs. cake:
Happy birthday to our sweet little guy. We are so blessed to be his parents!


J, H, A and M said...

That Monkey didn't stand a chance. What a cutie pie. Does he get cuter by the day? Can't believe he is already one. Wow!
I loved Malachi's prayer. LOL:)

Pa & T said...

He is so adorable. A year went by like lightning.

hayleyash said...

What a fast year...I can relate! Happy Birthday Elliott!

Sharp Family said...

such sweet pictures! he is as handsome as ever!! happy 1 year little guy!!