Friday, November 26, 2010

Midnight Shopping or Bust!

Last year Megan and Mom decided to brave the midnight craziness of shopping at the outlets. All year they talked about how fun it was and kept insisting that it wasn't as crazy or busy as everyone said, so we (Becky, Jessica and I) joined them this year and met up with Kelsey, my friend, Christina, and her sister, Shelby. Here's what we learned:
Lesson #1 - Don't make fun of those "crazy" or "stupid" people who are walking from the make-shift parking lot in the rain, sleet, snow instead of taking the free shuttle. We did...then we became them. The shuttle line was really long and the traffic wasn't moving so we figured it would be faster to walk the 1/2 mile.

Lesson #2 - Wear warm clothes. Mom's "pickle" (pictures to come) was definitely warm enough but that wind was definitely frigid. Oh, and it snowed!

Lesson #3 - Wear good shoes. After the police closed off the outlet parking lot about 5 cars in front of us we had to park in the makeshift lot on the other side of the interstate. We trudged through a muddy field (that almost swallowed Meg's car!), climbed a fence, jumped a ditch full of water, walked along the interstate off-ramp and along the road and through parking lots to get to the stores.

Lesson #4 - The deals are good, but it's more about the experience. We all got some bargains, and Becky actually finished all of her Christmas shopping.

Lesson #5 - It's all about perspective - LAUGH! What could have been an absolutely miserable five hours in the middle of the night was honestly one of the most fun things I've done in a long time. The reason for that? Megan, Mom, Becky, Jessica, Kelsey, Christina and Shelby!

Who's in for next year?


J, H, A and M said...

One word...NUTZ!

Sharp Family said...

I love this post! sounds like a rip-roaring good time to me!!! i may be joining next year!