Monday, November 8, 2010

The Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Columbus Zoo to finish celebrating Elliott's birthday. We were joined by the entire Lloyd clan: Papaw, GranMols, Meg, Blake, Kimberly, Adeline, Kelsey, Mike, Grace and Liza. The polar bear exhibit was one of our favorites.
Aunt Meg was Elliott's favorite. She was always the one to rescue him from his stroller so he could see too.
He loved watching the elephants!
And riding on Daddy's shoulders.
Malachi liked being able to touch these animal hides.
Elliott got to play with Uncle Blaker a little too...until Adeline got jealous!
Both of the boys liked the little animal statues throughout the zoo.
I think Malachi was telling Elliott about the rhinoceros they were watching.
When planning this trip, I forgot to take into account naptime. Elliott was a trooper, but this is how he looked when we got back to the car!

What a fun day!


hayleyash said...

You got some priceless pics! How fun! We love the Cbus can't beat it, although COSI comes pretty close.

Sharp Family said...

isn't the zoo so much fun? cute pics!