Monday, April 11, 2011

New York Monday

For all of you who have been getting on me about the lack of updates, this week is going to be exciting in the world of the Allsops blog! To start things off, here's what happened last Monday when I travelled to New York City to spend the week with Becky and Jessica. Enjoy!

After we met up at Penn Station and walked to our apartment in Chelsea to drop off our bags, we headed straight to the middle of all the activity (or at least the middle of all the tourist activity!) - Times Square.

What's Times Square without the Naked Cowboy? I took this picture for Malachi - there's a ferris wheel inside the Toys-R-Us store! Wow!

We got tired of Times Square pretty quickly and decided to walk uptown a little and ended up at Radio City Music Hall.Rockefeller Center is right behind Radio City so we got to experience that too. They even still have the ice rink open!

In spite of that, there were also signs of spring.

The three of us - so excited for this experience!

By this time we were getting a little hungry so we headed back downtown to Playwright's Pub. I had the fish and chips - yum!

On our way to the theater from dinner we saw a new TV show "Smash" being filmed. Check out the camera contraption!

To finish the first day of our adventure we saw Phantom of the Opera. It was an amazing show and a great way to begin our vacation.


Sharp Family said...

how fun!!! new york is such a cool visit at least! ha! glad you had a good time! i enjoyed the pics

Ed Christina and Camryn said...

Love the pictures almost as much as I love you! :)