Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New York Tuesday

Tuesday dawned bright and beautiful for us in New York and we started our day by having breakfast at New Venus, a local diner in Chelsea. After breakfast we took the subway uptown to 72nd Street so that we could walk through Central Park. The Dakota, where John Lennon lived, was right on the corner when we came up from the subway and that section of the park is called Strawberry Fields.

More interesting to me personally was this little gazebo:

That is the very gazebo where Erik asked me to marry him! It was neat to see it again and be able to show it to Becky and Jessica. I must admit I got a little misty eyed remembering that special day!

After my reminiscing we kept walking through the park.

We ended up right where we had planned - the Metropolitan Museum of Art!Check out all the taxis!We spent a few hours in the museum and when we came out it was cold and rainy. Yuck! We took the bus downtown to the Museum of Modern Art only to figure out they were closed on Tuesdays. Ugh! So, we put our hoods back on and went back to the Guggenheim Museum - which happens to be right across the street from the Met, where we were originally!After walking through museums for so long we were in need of a little snack so we thought afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel (below) would be fun. Unfortunately we arrived 5 minutes after serving ended and the waiters would not even acknowledge our presence!After we rested and had our snack (at another cafe that would serve us!) we walked down 5th Avenue and stopped to see St. Patrick's Cathedral.Next we checked out the New York Public Library.Finally we ended up at Grand Central Station where we were able to catch the subway to our next destination.Chinatown! Thankfully we have connections to people who know things (Megan's friend Jon, whose grandmother lives in Chinatown) and we found the best restaurant in the neighborhood - Joe's Shanghai.We sat at a table with a Japanese woman named Aiko Otake who helped us order and figure out how we were supposed to eat the specialty dish, Shew Lung Bao (Soup Dumplings). They were a delicious starter to the rest of our meal.By the time our bellies were full we were exhausted so we headed back to our apartment in Chelsea and called it a night!

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J, H, A and M said...

Wow...I didn't know you took a girls trip to NYC. Good for you. Looks so fun.
MoMA was one of my favorite spots on our trip. Hopefully you were able to make it back on a day they were open.