Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last month Malachi went to his first sleepover at Carson's house. It was very strange to realize he was old enough to do that and be okay without me and Erik. I think it was a success because afterwards all he could talk about was when Carson would be able to spend the night at our house. So (finally!) a couple weeks ago Carson came to the Litter Family Fun Day at Grammy Litter's house and then spent the afternoon and night with us. The boys played Legos, Star Wars, spies,, video games, built a fort, drank pop, watched a movie, ate popcorn and cookies and camped in the basement. Malachi was extra excited too because Carson was able to go to church with us the next morning.
So sleepover #2 was a success! But, my goodness, it makes me feel old to have a child old enough for sleepovers!

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