Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Whew, what a weekend! We had a great Thanksgiving break and enjoyed lots of time with people we love. Becky and Kevin were able to visit and we managed a short Skype date with Jessica and family in Alaska. We really missed having them here again this year!
We had perfect weather on Thanksgiving. I had hoped for another backyard football game, but apparently there are too many little kids to worry about now so we just played outside instead.

We all headed down to mom and dad's for Thanksgiving dinner - all 27 of us! There was a kids' room:

 A men's table:
And a women's table:
That was kinda funny, but when you're seating that many worked! There were also birthday cupcakes for me. Yay!
Mom, Megan, Kelsey, Kim and I left at 10pm to go up to the outlet malls for our annual midnight shopping experience. It did not disappoint! We shopped for 6 HOURS! We all got some good bargains, had lots of laughs and came away tired and happy. I got to bed a little after 6:00 - crazy that I'm usually getting up at that time!

The Lloyd Company Open House was also this weekend and Saturday evening we had the store's Christmas dinner at the Bell Tower. It was another delicious dinner and fun time with friends and family. Now that there's no chance of jinxing it, I can proudly say that all the kiddos were VERY well behaved! Even these two:
 Maybe it's because they were very interested in reading the Bible?
They were well behaved, but that doesn't mean we were able to get a decent picture of all of them!
Now we're getting back to real life, except we're missing one silly little boy! Elliott got to go back to Tennessee with Yaya and 'Buelo for the week. We hear he's being good and having lots of fun, but this house sure is quiet without him! Maybe I should take advantage and get the Christmas decorations up...'Tis the Season!

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