Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was trick or treat night for us and Malachi was on a high all day looking forward to it. He told anyone who would listen that he was going to be the Cat in the Hat and was going trick or treating with his friends Isaac, Lucas, Rinne and Cooper in their neighborhood. Erik and I have never seen Malachi run like he did up to each house tonight, saying "trick or treat!" and sometimes remembering to thank the people for his candy.

On the way home Malachi got some vampire teeth and had lots of fun being "scary Cat in the Hat."


J, H and A said...

So fun. Malachi makes a perfect Cat in the Hat. Not sure about the scary teeth. That isn't how I remember Dr. Seuss.

Keep us posted Erin. We are thinking of you all.

YaYa said...

Malachi, you look just like Cat in the Hat. I would have recognized you anywhere. Your Aunt Megan gets you the best costumes. You were really scary with the vampire teeth.

Megan Lloyd said...

Ahhh, I love my little Cat in the Hat. I am sure he will be playing with the hat for months to come!