Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've had a request for a new blog entry, so, Heather, this is for you. It's nice to know that somebody reads this, even if it is because you're bored in the middle of the night and Cooper won't let you sleep! Maybe in a few days/weeks I can just call you up and we can chat at 3 AM!
Actually, come to think of it, I'm usually awake at that time already.

We've been busy again this week. I'm two weeks away from my due date and Erik is hoping that the baby comes sometime this week. I'm pretty sure he mostly just wants some time off work after being there for what seemed like 72 hours straight during the Fall Festival of Leaves.
Malachi loves the festival, especially the rides and cotton candy. Last year Aunt Meg told him that cotton candy cures the hiccups, so this year he started faking the hiccups as soon as he saw the booth with cotton candy!

I had two baby shower cakes to do this weekend so I wasn't able to help out in the store much. That was probably a good thing because after a few hours today my ankles have disappeared. Other than little things like swelling and difficulty sleeping, I'm still feeling pretty good. My next doctor's appointment is Tuesday. At this point I love going to the doctor to see how much closer we are to welcoming this baby - and finding out whether Malachi will have a little brother or sister. Any guesses?

I have big plans of cleaning the house all week. Nesting, maybe? In any case, my floors need to be scrubbed a bit before I have less time and more people around!


Anonymous said...

It's a BOY!

Sharp Family said...

i loved my cake! i am saying girl!!