Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Boy

We have a two year old! I think Elliott enjoyed his special day and he definitely got some extra attention. Here he is trying to show me how old he is...not quite, buddy!

The birthday balloons were a big hit this morning. He even had to climb up on the table for a closer look after breakfast!

This was before all the sugar, so you can imagine how things went later!
There's not much Elliott likes more than "tractorrrrs" - that is anything with wheels. It's a good thing I have a personal graphic designer because it would have been pretty difficult to find a shirt with a picture of a car that says "tractorrr!" Thanks, Meg!He got so excited when he saw his cake!
He especially liked when we allowed him to take a big bite out of the side of it!


Two-year-olds aren't too fond of sharing, but he was pretty good about giving Walker a ride on his new "bite."
Happy Birthday, silly boy! It was fun celebrating today and we are so thankful for our family who could be here with us and we missed those who couldn't make it!

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J, H, A and M said...

I love reading posts about Elliott. He is great.
The cake was so great...prefect little boy cake.
I still cannot believe he is already two years old. He looks just like your dad Erin. Especially in the first picture.