Monday, November 7, 2011

Litter Family Fun Day

This year Megan had the (brilliant) idea of having a Family Fun Day at Grandma Litter's. Mom and Laura thought it sounded like a good idea and made it happen - with quite a few fun activities such as the "Scarecrow Throw," a box maze for the kids, picture booth and dress up costumes, pumpkin painting, homemade bird feeders, Halloween search and find tub, Aunt Tweed's homemade donuts, silly string war, an adult scavenger hunt (I don't have pictures of this because I was carrying Jonas and leading my Aunt Kim who was wrapped up like a mummy!), and lots of apple butter stirring! We ended up having almost 50 people show up and canned a total of 151 pints of apple butter - YUM!

I had lots of pictures and couldn't narrow it down any more than this, so enjoy!

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Megan Lloyd said...

I don't really remember it being completely my idea, but if you want to call me brilliant, I'll take it.

Fun time. I wish we'd been doing it for the past ten years. I hope it becomes tradition.